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Toward a new Electoral System

Currently I live in three different government areas.  One for each tier of government.  Each with different boundaries.  This makes for blurry lines between whom is responsible for what.  And why?  It is totally illogical.  Why would each member of parliament have such markedly different areas to administer?  Sure, there are fewer federal parliamentarians than […]

Second Sydney Harbour Rail Crossing

More NSW Government Transport Chaos Like this article? Visit our Facebook page Another favourite plaything of the two major parties at a state and federal level is public transport and a great example is the debacle of the debate surrounding the second Sydney harbour rail crossing. There are extreme ideological differences between the approaches taken […]

Paul Howes National Press Club Speech

How to get off the ideological See-Saw A response to Paul Howes National Press Club Speech, 5th February 2014 In a recent Press Club speech, Paul Howes, the National Secretary of the Australian Workers Union, posed the question – how do we get off the industrial relations see-saw?  I think of pendulums, but whatever your […]