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Waleed Aly “Politics is about persuasion but both parties neglect the public’s views”

In a damning article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Waleed Aly laid waste to the two major parties “both of whom are plumbing historic depths of unpopularity and disapproval”. He goes on to discuss the extremes of the policies enacted by both sides while in government, which ultimately end in naught as they are largely […]

What a TV election debate should look like

Check it out – there are more than two people!  This is what you see in Sweden, but is typical of any proportional representation system of elections. These are parliamentary party leaders – yep, they have this many political parties sitting in their parliament. And you wonder how these guys achieve good policy outcomes? Perhaps […]

Letter to Mr Gay re Westconnex

Mr Gay, I’m writing an article on WestConnex and Port Botany’s freight transfer methods and had some questions. In relation to WestConnex and Port Botany’s freight transfer methods, I note that road freight transfer rates are currently at around 86% (without a new motorway to increase capacity and reduce costs). What is being done to […]

Letter to NSW Govt re Westconnex

I sent a letter to Duncan Gay, NSW Minister for Roads, asking a few questions about WestConnex.  I recently received a reply, text and images available below.         Ray Williams MP Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Roads NSW Member for Hawkesbury Dear x, Thank you for your email to the Minister for […]

Letter to Mr Albanese re Westconnex

Reply to Mr Albanese – 28 November 2014 Dear Anthony, I appreciate your response and your concern. I have read your letter and op-ed previously, hence my statement saying that community expects more. Specifically, though, can you answer: Why there has been no official statement/press release from you in relation to WestConnex this year raising […]

US Voter Discontent at Record High

Based on research released by the Gallup company in the United States, US voter discontent is at a record high, with 42% of the respondents surveyed not identifying with either of the major parties.  The GOP, set to retain control of the US Congress and win the US Senate, are at a record low of […]

The High School Debating Team in Parliament

I have a theory about the cause of the state of political dysfunction – and stick with me on this: school debating teams. Particularly those found in places containing the use of the following words to describe them: exclusive, private, and boys. Having gone to one I’d also add: detached, from, and reality. If the […]